Every business owner understands what the term “brand” means in his or her business. Ideally, every business has its identity and that translates to its brand. Many small-scale business owners do not understand the significance of an established brand and how much leverage it can result to. Business identity or BRAND is the face and image of your business. As such, the identity must embody the core business values. Today, many savvy businesses strive to charm and entice customers in many ways. However, little attention has been given to brand building. This has consequently influenced the potential businesses have in establishing advocacy and loyalty for their customers.
To build a strong brand, the following steps should be considered:
Define ‘BRAND.’
The congested marketplace could be having a similar type of business as your own. This should not affect your idea on building your brand. Idyllically, review the purpose of your business, identify your market niche and research on the expectations of your customers. The character of the brand is critical in promoting the business agenda. A good brand will help you build your own customer base and differentiate your product in the market in the midst of other competitors.
Assume ‘BRAND’ is a person
Characters are pegged upon values, beliefs and reasons, which help us to become who we are. Assuming that the brand is an individual will require you to connect it with specific values and beliefs. This will help you in treating your brand with a lot of respect.
Identify what fuels your business
Identify the brand heroes and the other factors that increase the performance of your brand. For instance, identify the purpose and emotive positions that increase your brand position in the market.
Build a STRONG relationship with customers
Relationship with customers must be on a long-term base. Do not over-raise the hopes and expectations of the customers. Always consider honesty and consistency in your business. Lies and broken promises affect the brand image of most businesses. As such, you must be clear and consistent in word and deed.
Have alternative way of engaging customers
With a consistent tone of voice, tell the customers the same thing but in a different way. Do not repeat the same thing over and over again in the same manner. This might make you sound redundant to customers.
Do not be a ‘COPY-CAT’
Although it is advisable to steal ideas from bigger established brands, ensure that you do not mimic their brands. Making your unique identity is the best way to have your own established brand. For example, mimicking coca cola will not help you become an established cola brand.
Be ‘DARING’ and full of valor
Businesses are hard to popularize and market in the ever-changing market environments. To create a good business brand, dare to change and maintain flexibility to suit the customers’ needs. A daring brand can go far in terms of market presence.
Don’t pay attention on your ‘LOGO’
Logos used to work for older businesses where markets were not congested and competitive as the contemporary markets. Aside from an attractive logo, pay attention to the quality of the services you offer to your customers. Reinforce your brand through advertisement, promotional activities as well as through communication to customers.


These few strategies can help you to build a strong brand for a start-up or existing business. Remember brand identity is easier to sell than the service or product itself. To this end, strive to create a valuable brand for your customers.