The Immortal Cancer Patient

Medical research is an unfathomable subject in the mainstream medicine. Countless number of attempts to determine specific treatments and prophylaxes for common and uncommon diseases are yet to be discovered. One of the major terrors in the history of medicine is CANCER. hCancer has for many years, remained a terrifying condition to most individuals. However, the advancement in medical research has revealed variety of approaches that can be employed to tame cancer. Notwithstanding all the terribly perception of CANCER, Henrietta Lacks is the unwitting donor of immortal line of cells that have helped in cancer research.

Henrietta Lacks was diagnosed with epidermoid carcinoma of the cervix in 1951, which later turned out to be adenocarcinoma of the cervix. Ideally, misdiagnoses of diseases were common as there were sporadic cases of cancer at the time. White at the John Hopkins hospital, she was treated using radium tube inserts. Of great significance was her immortal cancer cells that have lived for years and are still used for cancer research.

The posthumous contributions that HeLa cells have made in the world of cancer research remains remarkable and indelible indeed. helDespite little recognition given to the family members, the special cancer cells that were biopsied from Henrietta have led to scientific breakthroughs as regards AIDS and Cancer research. Today, Henrietta Lacks remains a celebrated personality and perhaps “IMMORTAL” after her immortal cancerous cells was successfully cloned.


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