When Success Compels you to Provoke God, be Sure you Must Tumble



Hell no!! The Twitter issue where Kanye seeks help from Mark Zuckerberg has trended more than any other celebrity’s bankruptcy news. Kanye must have burned a couple of bridges behind him but this does not make him lesser. Unlike most musicians whose music start with weirdness, Kanye started his music career with meaningful and entertaining music. However, success turned him into his own god. I am pretty certain that his competition with God will leave him heavily indebted than he is as at now.


Why Ugandans and Similar African Countries Suffer Genovese Syndrome

In Africa, wealth controls everything. Most ignorant Africans are often obsessed with wealth. The economic and demographic statuses of majority of Africans makes the continent’s population a vulnerable target that wealthy politicians can easily manipulate. In Africa, wealth is greater than the rule of law. Corruption and any other forms of biases in the society can be easily cleaned with wealth. As such, most Africans would rather go by a terrible wealthy leader, than to have a poor patriot. Africans have therefore developed the terrible Genovese syndrome where they don’t care about the strife challenges that they brothers go through. In less than 2 years to come, you will witness yet another tyranny of the syndrome in yet another civilized African country- Kenya.